The Follow Your Dream Foundation To The Rescue

The Follow Your Dream Foundation To The Rescue

Leigh Creek is a coal mining town with a population of some 500 situated west of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

The town was established to operate an open cut coal mine and is owned by Alinta Energy.

In July 2015 Alinta Energy announced that the mines were to be closed and would no longer operate from March 2017 causing much anxiety and an uncertain future for the residents.

At this time the students of the local primary school were booked in to attend an Aquatics Camp in Port Vincent and were obviously very excited and looking forward to their trip to the sea. However, with the looming closure of the mines suddenly their dream holiday was in jeopardy and there were grave doubts that their camp was not going to happen because the parents would not be able to meet the cost.

Enter a couple of white knights! A sponsor was found to fund the cost of the accommodation and the Follow Your Dream Foundation Australia agreed to fund the cost of the travel and food.

As a result of this generosity twenty five children enjoyed four days of canoeing, wind surfing, swimming, scuba diving and discovering a little bit of marine biology plus much fun and frivolity.

The Follow Your Dream Foundation Australia was established for the purpose of supporting disadvantaged women and children.

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